doctors ask for caution in using these types of drugs

Faced with this year’s record heat, many precautions must be taken, even when using these specific types of medication.


Record heat like the one we are facing during this scorching summer of 2022 means a lot of things. Among these, a strong heat asthenia in many individuals. It is precisely for this reason that doctors ask you to be careful about your activities, your diet, staying hydrated and also the use of certain very specific types of medication.

It is sometimes necessary to recalibrate one’s drug therapies with the doctor, in the face of changing environmental and atmospheric conditions. The reason lies in the fact that certain drugs act on certain characteristics or physical deficits which the heat can in turn modify.

Beware of recalibrating the use of heart medications

According to the words of Ciro Indolfi, president of the Italian Society of Cardiology, medicines such as those dedicated to the treatment of hypertension, circulatory problems, diuretics or sedatives, must be taken with caution in these days of record heat.

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The reason is simple: our body, if exposed to temperatures like those we are facing these days (we are talking about 40 degrees or more!), undergoes alterations. In particular, the heart contracts faster and circulates on average twice as much blood as usual. Sweating, on the other hand, leads to potential dehydration, so it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fluids and minerals.

The use of drugs acting on heart or lung problems must therefore be recalibrated taking into account the cardiac activity of patients, which is modified by heat. In some cases, it is good to reduce the use of these drugs, as well as to avoid diuretics which lead to the elimination of excess fluid.

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Another advice from Ciro Indolfi concerns the choice of drinks to avoid. Caffeine and alcohol can negatively affect body hydration and further increase heart activity.

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