Do you still have the phone token? Do not lose sight of a specimen

A coin in the middle of a phone token. The piece retains its dignity over time. Nostalgic specimen of the past.

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A new monetary identification is always ready when it comes to numismatics. Not only do enthusiasts become hounds to find the exceptional piece. Today, the ambitious plan to find rare and even amateur pieces. You can start off by chance or get excited along the way.

If you are lucky enough to still have some very old ancestors, it can be fruitful to wander around the rooms that contain furniture from the past. Our grandparents witnessed the evolution of the lira and changing it with the euro shouldn’t be difficult to come into possession of a rarity.

Around the time of our parents, there was a particular, just-fit piece with decisive characteristics. This is the prized phone token. It was rampant until the advent of cell phones. It was never missing in a pocket or purse because of its usefulness.

The telephone token returns as the protagonist, numismatics is in constant search

The token had a value of around 200 lira and could be compared to €0.20 today. The famous telephone booths existed in towns and cities. Simply insert the coin and you receive the line to make an urgent call. They were created at the beginning of 1927 and were made of brass or nickel silver.

Their importance dates back to the post-war period when there was a real boom in minting until 1980. It had four grooves and four digits indicating the year, the month of production. It was vital to have one for the emergency. There were the famous closed telephone booths.

Lucky the one who loved them very much and kept them. They don’t look particular and also seem anonymous but the importance at the time was high. Today, professionals appeal to those who have them. They will not enrich the current account but will still make a good impression.

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They have a low value but remain comfortable especially for teenagers. If it is not put into circulation, it is worth €15 per coin. Unfortunately, if they are damaged, the value drops. They must not show traces of scratches or altered colors, this is absolutely not compromised.

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