Disturbing phenomenon in Italian orchards: alarming consequences

A rife phenomenon in cultures, fruits come in unnatural forms. What’s going on in agriculture.

Fruit Phenomenon (pixaby)

This is a completely new phenomenon affecting orchard crops. The dynamics are not yet well understood, although experts have their own idea. Everyone can see what is happening in Italy since the arrival of spring.

The whole peninsula was affected and hit by an unbearable heat wave. The South African anticyclone gave us warm days. Italian soil was reached by Hannibal and Charon who reaped drought and dryness there.

From then until the arrival of summer, there were only a few rainy days. It didn’t help much as the river beds are full of stones. Due to the bad situation, some regional authorities have banned the irrigation of plantations.

The phenomenon is affecting fruit production, a real scourge of crops

A real headache for growers who were unable to water seeds and seedlings. Today, however, cultures that have been rescued show the phenomenon of dwarfism. A new way of entering data that is of great concern to experts in the sector.

plant phenomenon (pixaby)

Professionals explain what is happening in crops. In practice, the born fruits shrink. Thus the fruits become “dwarfed” because it is their way of conserving water. Without the main source, the fruits do not grow and the high heat does not help.

Many nurserymen say that even though their trees have water, they don’t open their stomata to let air and oxygen in because otherwise the water vapor will come out. To conserve what little they have, they stop growing. The consequence is represented by very small fruits.

Some solutions are considered to remedy dwarfism. Plants are living beings and they adapt to difficulties. It is a kind of self-defense of fruit crops to conserve the little hydration they have. They close the growth factor even in the presence of the sun.

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Drought is the number one enemy of plantations. Water is the primary source for their proper development. Otherwise all agriculture is affected.

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