Discovery of a huge pink diamond, incalculable value: 170 carats of purity

It was found after more than 3 centuries. The pink diamond remains the most priceless gemstone in the world.

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The late Marylin said they were women’s best friends. In this case, the diamond found is the delight of all experts in the sector. The stone was discovered after a grueling search in Angola.

The arid African soil keeps the wonders of the subsoil intact. The deposits and the diamonds have been around for a while and the drilling is relentless. The country of giraffes and hippos contemplates a limitless nature with all its gifts.

The discovery of the precious diamond is a record. It has incalculable proportion and weight. The name chosen for her is Rosa di Lulo and was found in eastern Angola by a group of researchers. They almost couldn’t believe their eyes.

A pink diamond has been found. The assessment will be exceptional thanks to the recording features

The African state was delighted with this exceptional discovery. The diamond will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. A large part of the profits will go to the coffers of the place of the find. The country is no stranger to these massive diamonds.

Diamond (pixaby)

The company that made the rich find claims it is the biggest diamond of all time. They are sure of it. In the last 300 years, a stone with such spectacular qualities as Rosa di Lulo had never been found. Indecipherable quality and quantity.

Angola is a poor and dignified state despite these precious mines. It is located below and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. The political situation seems rather stable even if citizens often express their dissatisfaction.

There are many Italians in the region, especially in the capital Luanda. They brought their factories and the local population is the first resource to be employed. The country is magnificent, little commercialized. Pollution well below the parameters.

Unfortunately, despite being a find-rich country, the economy falls short of the African data auction.

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Today, Angola rejoices in the rich find. It will take some time to submit it to an auction. It must be transmitted to the specialists of the sector who will have to make the incisions. The pass causes you to lose something but not the value of the diamond.

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