Discovery of 130 tons under the European sewers: it’s huge!

It would seem really strange what was found in the last period and that is certainly not something beautiful.

A network of sewers (Facebook)

The discovery that was made quite recently and in an unexpected place seems truly incredible. Yes, because sometimes researchers from all over the world find treasures, maybe something interesting and fascinating.

Instead, if you really want to know, in this case, it’s none of that. Indeed, let’s say that if he had not been found, most likely, it would have been even better.

You might be wondering, therefore, what can be considered so repulsive to identify with in a crowded and prosperous city characterized by a respectable economic center.

With these premises, therefore, it will seem decidedly even stranger to know that we are referring to London, the important capital of the United Kingdom.

Well, in a metropolis of such nature and rich in history, what could one have found? An old jewel? A secret vault to blame for the precious coins? No, we are sorry to disappoint you, unfortunately nothing like that.

Well, first of all, we reveal to you that the place that keeps the disgusting find is juxtaposed with London’s sewer system. In short, if it was a rat, perhaps, no one would have been surprised, since often these animals reside in these places.

The repulsive find

Instead, according to some sources, it appears that a large ball made entirely of trash and grease was sighted. Now, many other details about it are not known, the fact is that, if we want to give a more precise connotation, the discovery is located near the Whitechapel area.

The so-called “fatberg” (Facebook)

In reality, however, it looks like a similar discovery was made a few years ago, only this time around, that heap of trash is decidedly larger.

Thus, it is therefore believed that it may even weigh more than one hundred tons and have a length of 250 meters and a height of 3.5 meters. In short, a filthy monster that stagnates in the sewers, probably without the knowledge of the citizens.

Apparently, however, the movers said this is quite common and often seen in the sewer system.

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In fact, it even has a name: fatberg, in other words, a fat iceberg. Finally, they added that it will take them almost a month to get rid of it.

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