discovered a new specimen of armored dinosaur. The details

Incredible revelation: a new specimen of an armored dinosaur has been discovered by paleontologists. Research details.

Armored dinosaur (Photo from Instagram)

The subject that deals with the study of dinosaurs is called paleontology – a science that analyzes the life forms that populated the Earth. He studies its evolutionary process, its progress and its extinction.

Thanks to research, paleontologists are able to reconstruct the habits of living things that died out millions of years ago, answering an endless series of questions from curious people around the world.

In recent weeks, great progress has been made in this area, thanks to the recovery of fossils and the use of modern technologies that allow us to have a more detailed picture of the discovery.

A new species of armored dinosaur has been discovered in Argentina: it is a herbivorous specimen

Discoveries about the world of dinosaurs show no signs of stopping. In this regard – recently – the remains of a new species have been identified. It is a specimen that has a very unique feature on the back: it is a powerful armor.

Jakapil kaniukura (Photo from Instagram)

According to experts, its appearance resembles that of a modern tank, but on two legs. So much so that his name, Jakapil kaniukura, actually means “shield bearer”. What are its main characteristics?

It turned out that he is quite small and has rows of bones on his back that are very similar to those found on crocodiles. Its appearance suggests that it may be a formidable predator, but in fact studies confirm that it is herbivorous.

Most of the remains of this species have been found especially in the northern hemisphere. In Argentina – the site of today’s discovery – we have no particular attestation, at least until today.

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But that’s not all, because paleontologists were fascinated by the fact that the dinosaur in question was bipedal and its front legs were very small. Compare ironically to those of a rooster.

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