Dinosaur, surprising discovery! Discovery of a new “armored” specimen

Discovery of a specimen of a new species of “armored” dinosaur. The surprising discovery took place in Argentina. All the details.

Dinosaur Footprint (Picture Pixabay.com)

Important dinosaur discoveries continue to be made. The remains of a Jakapil kaniukura were recently discovered. It is a kind of “armored” dinosaur.

The discovery took place in Cerro Police, a town located in Argentina. Archaeologists from the Universidad Maimónides in Buenos Aires made this discovery.

According to the researchers, the dinosaur in question was a kind of “tank” on two legs. The name given to it is therefore not surprising. In fact, Ja-Kapïl means “shield bearer”. Instead, kaniukura refers to the “stone crest” present in this species.

Dinosaur, new species discovered in Argentina: the surprising discovery

It is a dinosaur only one and a half meters long and weighing between four and seven kilos.

Dinosaur Footprint (Picture Pixabay.com)

To characterize this species, the different rows of bones that covered the dermis on the outside were very similar to those found at that time in crocodiles.

These blankets were used to protect the backs, necks and tails of these dinosaurs. It was a herbivore, with huge serrated leaf-like teeth on the sides.

Some dinosaurs belonging to the Thyreophora family, like the recently discovered ones, were discovered in the northern hemisphere of the planet. In the south, however, especially in South America, they had not been found until now.

In Argentina, only very fragmented remains have been discovered which did not allow the reconstruction of dinosaurs. The recently found specimen is the first dinosaur discovered in the South American nation.

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Archaeologists were also amazed by the fact that this dinosaur was not a quadruped, like most “armored” dinosaurs. In fact, the Jakapul was bipedal and had legs resembling chicken wings.

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