Did you know the 5 discoveries that changed the history of the Earth? Everything is true!

The quality of life today could not be the same if it had not been for these fundamental revelations.

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Since the dawn of the world, as it should be, there have been advances that have helped humanity to evolve and achieve scientific goals of great relevance.

In fact, if there had not been all those who, by dint of study and above all brilliant intuitions, have invented useful things, everyday life today could surely be absolutely more complicated.

Therefore, there are many inventions that have brought improvements in the quality of our life and it would be a shame if over time they were not devised.

In short, in a few lines, one could certainly not even enumerate all the discoveries which one can currently consider as fundamental or in any case of considerable utility for thousands of situations and which now even seem to be taken for granted.

Instead, in reality, it wasn’t at all obvious that man wouldn’t have just made gadgets that made many activities certainly more comfortable than those that would have been without them.

In fact, over the centuries there have also been amazing discoveries that have certainly changed the course of events. Precisely for this reason we would like to mention at least the main ones.

Indeed, we would like to start with an essential element whose discovery dates back approximately 500,000 years. Well, it is of course the fire that the so-called homo erectus, fascinated by fires caused by lightning, would then try to reproduce by rubbing stones or tree branches.

Other important discoveries

Something that, needless to say, brought big changes, like cooking food and a new way of heating.

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Secondly, we cannot fail to mention electricity, which from Benjamin Franklin to Alessandro Volta, to make an extreme synthesis, many have tried to understand how it works and have tried to use it in our favor.

In addition, the discovery of DNA, the genetic information of our body, was really important and began thanks to the Swiss biologist Friedrich Miescher, to then know a deeper analysis thanks to the intervention of the researchers James Watson and Francis Crick .

Let’s not forget either the discovery of penicillin, which took place in 1928 following the research of the British pharmacologist Alexander Fleming. It is therefore an antibiotic developed by the fungus and effective against many types of bacteria.

Finally, we are interested in Roentgen rays, commonly called X-rays, discovered by the physicist Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen at the end of the 19th century.

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In this case, it is electromagnetic radiation often used in the medical field, for example to make diagnoses or to monitor activities.

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