Did you know that leaving an umbrella on the beach is against the law? The details

Did you know that leaving an umbrella unattended on the beach is against the law? The details not to be missed so as not to come across unpleasant disadvantages.

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If for many Italians the holidays are over, for many others the end of August marks the start. However, there are several rules to follow when you are on the beach, because not everything is allowed.

What does it mean? Checks were carried out by the coast guard and it turned out that one of the bad habits of bathers is to leave umbrellas and personal effects unattended.

This attitude is no longer permitted not only for a question of good manners and respect for good neighbourliness, but it is strictly prohibited by law. You can incur very high fines.

Leaving the parasol on the beach involves a violation of the navigation code. Very high fines

As we just mentioned, the end of August does not mean the end of the holidays. There are many Italians who are about to leave. It is therefore necessary to take into account some very important rules that should not be underestimated. Let’s find out.

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It’s probably a common gesture we’ve all done at least once in our lives, which is to leave the umbrella and all beach paraphernalia unattended. No, that’s not possible. We are all wrong. Here’s everything you absolutely must avoid.

According to the checks carried out by the coast guard, this is a widespread practice among bathers. No one has ever taken into consideration that it is a violation of the law which provides for a fine. There are many reports in Tuscany, especially on the island of Elba.

What offense is it? Illegal occupation of state-owned space. Well, the name alone is scary. The amount of the fine even more, because it oscillates between 1000 and 3000 euros. All those who occupy the space of the aeronautical domain of the State may incur a penalty.

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The best solution would be to reserve an umbrella and equipment in the appropriate structures regulated by law. Before leaving, it is advisable to be well informed and to respect the law.

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