Death Dragon, the giant creature with “warrior” wings discovered: the astonishment of researchers

The death dragon was found in South America. A discovery that delighted the team of scientists.

Death dragon (pixabay)

Planet Earth bears witness to events that took place even before the advent of man. We are talking about millions of years ago when the Globe was still in chaos and was populated by gigantic animal and plant beings. Everything was connected in a majestic way.

This is recent news of a discovery that has led to amazing scientific discoveries. The researchers stayed on a land area in central Argentina. As many newspapers reported, the search had an excellent result.

Fossil remains belonging to the skeleton of an inhabitant of several centuries ago have been found. This is the Dragon of Death, an unusual winged dinosaur. Its particularity lies precisely in the fact of having a pair of wings of abnormal size.

Death Dragon, a discovery that revolutionized the course of ancient history

According to scholars, the beast had a wingspan of about 30 feet. The prehistoric animal itself was gigantic in size. Despite the heavy millstone, he managed to soar through the air in flight.

Death dragon (pixabay)

This was possible because the bones were hollow and allowed the heavy dinosaur to fly. An added value to its greatness that has certainly not gone unnoticed. It was these wings that stunned scientists when the fossils were discovered.

The Death Dragon was a cold-blooded animal and experts are sure it could be a member of the pterosaur family. Their presence on planet Earth could be dated well before the dinosaurs, then around 80 million years ago.

The body was imposing and looked like a large reptile. The legs were equipped with claws and the wings resembled those of bats. The color could be between brown and green as nature dictates. A long tail that also served as a fight.

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The Death Dragon soared through the skies using mighty wings that also functioned as a defense weapon. Scientists came up with a new name for this species by combining the words death and dragon. So far, it is the most giant reptile discovered

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