Dear gasoline, the way to save a few euros has been revealed. The details

Dear oil, the problem continues to plague the Italians. The way to save a few euros has been revealed. Details not to be missed.

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From an economic point of view, the last few years have definitely been very complex to manage for families and businesses, which have found themselves having to bear outgoing expenses that are much higher than income. To complicate this situation already on the razor’s edge, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

With the war, in fact, the Italians witnessed a sudden increase in prices. This was not just about groceries, but also about utilities – which exploded – and gasoline. A worrying and alarming implication for an economy, that of our country, which is already at risk.

Dear gasoline, here are some useful tips to save a few euros on refueling your car

As we have just mentioned, the sudden rise in the price of gasoline alarmed Italians who found themselves faced with prices never seen before. We are talking about more than 2 euros per liter.

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But we should not be discouraged, because there are useful tips that can help us save a few euros when we are at the gas station. It has been found that refueling our car, especially at night, helps us in the difficult task of spending less. How is it possible?

First of all, it must be considered that at the end of the evening and especially in self-service mode, small discounts are applied. But that’s not all, because science also comes into play. With thermal expansion, it has been estimated that up to 3% can be saved on the entire supply.

These figures, of course, come from various scientific researches. It has been found, in fact, that making gasoline during the day is almost a waste, because the scorching temperatures of the last few weeks, for example, risk causing it to fade – this is the term that has been used .

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Useful little tricks that, especially for those who constantly travel with the car, can turn out to be really useful. At least until the situation gets back on track.

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