DAZN, the platform finds itself in the media chaos. Controversy between subscribers

DAZN, the well-known streaming platform, once again finds itself in media chaos. This is the controversy among subscribers. What’s going on?

Diletta Leotta, DAZN presenter (Photo from Instagram)

DAZN is a very famous on-demand streaming and live service that allows you to enjoy all Serie A and Serie B matches. It was born in Germany in 2015, but only arrived in Italy three years later.

In recent years, many users have decided to subscribe to the service so that they can safely enjoy the beloved football championship. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the well-known platform has found itself in media chaos.

DAZN: there is a controversy among app subscribers who cannot use the service

As we have just mentioned, DAZN is a well-known streaming platform where it is possible, via a monthly subscription, to watch all Serie A and B matches live.

Subscribers really number in the millions, but in recent years DAZN has often been the subject of controversy due to some repeated inefficiencies. That’s what happened in the last few hours. Needless to say, the dissension has created another problem among users. Too bad – a fan thundered loudly.

Several complaints have been registered for not having seen the first matches of Serie A. Many have complained of not even being able to access the app or of being kicked out after a few minutes. I can’t go back now – one of the reports received.

In this regard, the journalist Enrico Mentana also intervened who, as a fan, reported the problem on social networks. A very hard push also because of the cost considered (by many) excessive of the subscription. Dazn learns to respect customers – his words.

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Apologies from the platform which informed the user to remedy the malfunctions as soon as possible were not long in coming. Today there is still a bad mood and a bitter taste in the mouth for what happened.

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