dates back 1.4 million years

It’s something really interesting that could probably help us better understand our origins.

Archaeologists (Facebook)

Archaeologists around the world are working daily to try to understand more precisely what the past of the Earth could be.

In fact, our planet, which experts say is about six billion years old, still holds many mysteries that even the most qualified scientist cannot give us satisfactory explanations for now.

Of course, the discoveries, so far, have been numerous and even reliable, and, moreover, they have allowed us to clarify many aspects that previously could have been absolutely obscure.

The task of archaeologists is a very complicated and at the same time really fascinating task that can give us answers that we probably did not think of.

In particular, if we want it, when we begin to open the first school books, we are informed of certain basic details that concern man, our species of living beings.

In this regard, we are told that in ancient times, in the early days, there were, for example, Homo habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, each with different characteristics.

However, currently it is not easy to establish exactly what was the first type of man to appear on Earth and not even what was the exact date.

The recent discovery

Some, indeed, think that we can speak of 250,000 years ago, others of 500,000. In short, it is certainly still completely uncertain. The fact is that recently a fossil arrived in Spain that would have belonged to the oldest human being of all.

The facial bone memory fossil (Facebook)

A group of researchers then discovered a facial bone fragment in the Burgos Mountains which, apparently, is at least ten centimeters long.

Well, scholars, at the moment, believe that these remains may even date back almost 1.5 million years. Moreover, they could even be traced back to a jaw discovered in 2007.

It is something that should therefore correspond to what is called the Homo antecessor. Of course, however, other more in-depth analyzes will be necessary to really realize what has just been said.

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This research will therefore be important because it will shed more light on the evolution of man who lived precisely on the European continent.

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