dangerous and toxic. Forbidden to approach

There is an alarm in the seas of the peninsula, 4 types of fish have been reported which can cause trouble and a quick emergency. Stay away.

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Marine research institutes have reported four species of the aquatic world to be dangerous. They arrived in the Italian seas thanks to the Suez Canal. It is precisely from this conduit that it is possible to detect the territorial waters of species that are not part of the European marine habitat.

The species are characterized by particular patterns that are easy to recognize. For now, environmentalists are keeping an eye on the Italian seas to understand the journey of these extraterrestrials. Four fish have been highlighted to stay away as much as possible.

One is the spotted pufferfish first spotted in 2013. It is recognized by the dark silver-gray spots on its back and emits a neurotoxin that is very dangerous to humans. Once cooked, it can still keep this poison intact. The lionfish, meanwhile, is in our waters in 2016.

Report highly toxic aquatic animal species. Don’t touch or come near

It is beautiful and colorful and is also edible. Foresight in consuming it is watch out for itchy thorns. The rabbitfish has already crossed the Italian seas in 2003. It is an edible herbivorous fish but covered with spines. It should be handled with meticulous care.

It is very particular and one often finds in the nets of the fishermen two species of rabbits, one striped and the other dark. Their stay takes place mainly in the waters surrounding Sicily. Thanks to the help of many fishermen, experts can monitor their distribution in Italian seas.

On the surface, they are colorful and cute, the puffer fish deflates when taken out in the open air. In the sea, it swells.

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Anyone who has the opportunity to encounter these beings the council is one. Nothing to grab the Marine product with bare hands and especially not to take it home. Although some of them are edible and even good, they can release poisonous elements even after death.

The fish market is full of good things. There is no shortage of fresh fish to be sold. Better be sure what we bring to the table

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