Danger surf at sea, how to behave? The details

The danger of backwash at sea is very frequent: how to behave to save yourself from the situation? The details.

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Before diving into the heart of the news, let’s try to clarify what is meant by undertow and how this phenomenon occurs. With this term we want to explain a particular movement of the sea that is caused precisely by the waves. This means that when they break away from the rocks and then come back, meeting others, they form the backwash.

Following this kind of confrontation, a strong current is created capable of pushing everything in its path out to sea. The phenomenon is very dangerous, especially for swimmers who sometimes underestimate its intensity.

Towing at sea: here are some useful tips to save you. Swimming is not the best solution

As we have just mentioned, the undertow phenomenon is very dangerous for swimmers who do not take the situation too seriously. Here are some useful precautions.

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The beaches are increasingly crowded and you have to be very careful of the dangers that the sea hides. The undertow is only one of them and you must always have your eyes wide open. The Meteorological Center of Emilia-Romagna provides us with very useful food for thought.

How many times have we been told that you have to know how to observe the sea, because it is not always possible to swim and it is not always necessary to go further – especially if you do not feel confident to do so. Recognizing potential danger signs is of paramount importance.

Not all swimmers are able to realize what is going to happen and in the event of a backwash, not everyone knows how to behave. You must above all remain calm and paradoxically you must not swim. It will be the case to stay afloat and wait for the current to die out.

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This phenomenon is very dangerous, but if you behave correctly, you can easily return to land.

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