Danger sharks in Italy, where you risk the most: avoid these seas

Maybe you think sharks can only be found in the oceans. Instead, in reality, there are also some in the Bel Paese.

Sea (Pixabay)

In a period like this, summery and definitely conducive to holidays, there are obviously those who decide to go to mountain resorts and those who prefer seaside resorts.

All is well, in fact, because, at least in this case, fortunately, it is only a matter of personal taste. The fact is that even when you are on vacation, you should definitely not forget to be careful and take all the necessary precautions.

Yes, because even if we find ourselves in a relaxed situation, it is not certain that something cannot happen to us if we do not use our common sense.

For example, at sea, it can happen that we burn our skin if we are too exposed to the scorching sun, or, why not, that we even encounter an insidious animal that inhabits the seabed.

Now, we don’t want to sound too pessimistic or worry you unnecessarily. We just want to say that it is important not to be distracted, but to be well focused even when you are not in the office or in class.

Not for nothing, but because often unpleasant situations can happen if you keep your head in the clouds too much. For now, then, we’d like to dive into one particular topic that should give you a little warning.

We are indeed talking about the presence of sharks in some of our seas, especially the white species. So in this regard he gives us an answer Alessandro De Maddalenaas well as a professor of zoology who expressed a personal interpretation of the facts in Gazzetta.

Tips for not ending up in the claws of sharks

In particular, it seems like the shark itself probably has no inclination to attack humans, or at least it doesn’t appear very frequently.

A species of white shark in the Mediterranean (Facebook)

In fact, although we do not have oceans, it has been verified that also in Italy there are about fifty species of this type of large fish which, contrary to popular belief, are not mammals.

However, to avoid being in their clutches, what you should do, according to experts, is try not to swim offshore during the night, not to go to the waters known to be murky and those near the islands. .

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Of course, it is not even a question of practicing underwater fishing if it is rumored that sharks have been seen at certain points, in particular those considered to be the most dangerous for humans.

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