“Crazy Pizza” just opened forced to close. The shocking reason

The controversy around Flavio Briatore and his ‘Crazy Pizza’ continues: the closure of the restaurant is debated, what happened

Flavio Briatore (photo: @flaviobriatore Instagram)

In his career, Flavio Briatore has always interpreted his activity as an entrepreneur in a rather “aggressive” way, always going on the attack. A trait that has always characterized him both when he was, in Formula 1, Team Principal of Benetton and Renault, as in other adventures such as that at the head of the Billionaire group and many others.

The Piedmontese entrepreneur has come back to be talked about recently because of the controversy that has arisen over Neapolitan pizza. In fact, he went to attack the typical Neapolitan product, comparing it to that produced in his chain of pizzerias, the ‘Crazy Pizza’, claiming that the too low prices of the Neapolitan pizza makers were due to a low value of the raw materials .

The controversy raged for days, with responses and retorts stinging from both sides. Now the name ‘Crazy Pizza’ is making a comeback, for a rather surprising reason. The Roman branch of the pizzeria has indeed encountered a closure.

Flavio Briatore, the outburst on social networks for the closure of ‘Crazy Pizza’: “I did not expect it”

A closure that naturally surprised and moved Briatore himself, who told his fans on social networks, in some stories, what happened. The entrepreneur let off steam by not hiding all his wonder.

In particular, the restaurant in the capital remained closed due to the water emergency that involved Rome. “We had to close for lack of water”, explains Briatore. “We were in total uncertainty for several hours, they didn’t even tell us when they were going to restore it. There was talk of tankers to carry water the next morning.”

A scenario that disconcerted Briatore, who confessed: “I would never have thought of closing for this reason”. But then everything was settled: “Thanks to our technicians, and not to those of the water network, we found a solution to put it back into service”.

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Once again, therefore, the ‘Crazy Pizza’ finds itself in the center of the news. The Briatore premises, as you might expect, will be the center of discussion throughout the summer months.

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