Coripet, the well-known Consortium rewards citizens with 50 euro vouchers. Find out how

Coripet, the well-known Consortium rewards the most willing citizens with vouchers of 50 euros. Also find out how to benefit from this incentive.

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Coripet is a well-known (non-profit) consortium recognized by the Ministry of the Environment which is responsible for collecting and starting the recycling of PET plastic bottles.

This particular type of bottle has proven to be an excellent model to follow, as new products are generated once inserted into the production process.

The objective of Coripet – a consortium based on a circular economy model – is to raise citizens’ awareness of recycling. Thanks to their processes, PET bottles are used for new products such as yarns, packaging materials, etc.

Coripet promotes the recycling of plastic bottles: a voucher of 50 euros for all the most virtuous citizens

As we have just mentioned, Coripet’s objective is to promote the concept of plastic bottle recycling among citizens. It does this in an innovative and completely out of the ordinary way.

It has forged very strong links with high-level partners such as Coop and Esselunga – to name but a few. This partnership has made it possible to start recycling plastic bottles more quickly, which have now reached the end of their production cycle.

Does this of course apply to large companies? Instead, what was thought for the citizen? The initiatives are numerous and very attractive. The consortium, in fact, invites Italians to recycle as much as possible, bringing their bottles to special centers.

How can I get discount coupons? By bringing, for example, 500 plastic bottles to collection points equipped with eco-compactors. In this way, business joins in with pleasure, as citizens recycle and help the environment and the environment helps citizens with an amount of money.

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Some initiatives aim to raise awareness among users, as well as to stand alongside those who are in difficulty.

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