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Italy, date fishing at sea prohibited by law: complaints against offenders are triggered. Behaviors to avoid.

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Before diving into the heart of the news, let’s find out what dates at sea are. They are special molluscs also called bivalves. They have the shape and color of a date and tend to be found in limestone rocks. They form slowly and the maximum they can reach is 10 cm.

They vaguely resemble mussels and, as mentioned earlier, they live attached to rocks. It can take up to 40 years to fully form. They feed mainly on stones, but also on algae. What happens, however, if we decide to fish them? What are the risks we can run?

Sea dates, fishing prohibited in Italy. Violators will be severely punished. Massive environmental damage

As we have just mentioned, date mussel fishing is strictly prohibited by law. Many complaints have been filed in recent weeks.

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Italian law prohibits the fishing of date mussels throughout the national territory, but this does not prevent offenders. So much so that illicit trafficking in these molluscs has recently been identified in Castellammare di Stabia. Claims for damages filed.

Those who continue to fish dates do not realize the enormous damage caused to the environment. As we have said, in fact, these molluscs live attached to rocks. Therefore, detaching them also involves the ripping out of the stones which are sawn and destroyed even with electric drills.

At this stage, it is necessary to do a large-scale reflection. The behavior adopted in the province of Naples was only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s think about what might happen if date mussel fishing spreads across the country and becomes, for example, industrial in nature.

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Something very dangerous for the environment would be encountered, as the use of large explosives might be required. A terrible scenario to even imagine.

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