Compelling Archaeological Find: Classical Age Artifacts Emerge

An exciting archaeological discovery, which went “far beyond expectations”: very valuable artifacts from the classical age have emerged. A new chapter in history opens.

Sicily (Photo from Pixabay)

We can admit with great pride that archaeological discoveries are now the order of the day. Our country is reconfirmed as an open-air museum, full of great hidden treasures and ready to return to the light. Treasures that shed light on this past life that is so mysterious to us.

The important discovery I am about to tell you about took place in sunny Sicily and in the words of the head of the excavations, it is something never seen before. A discovery that has been defined far beyond expectations and that sheds new light on the Sicilian territory. Let’s see this together.

Selinunte, exciting archaeological discovery: precious treasures belonging to the classical age have emerged

The archaeological campaign sees the help of three important departments: the University of New York, the University of Milan assisted by the Germanic Archaeological Institute.

Ivory Mermaid (Photo from Instagram)

Before getting to the heart of the news, let’s spend a few words on the place of discovery: Selinunte. We are in the presence of one of the wonders of Sicily, a place of mystery, myth and legend. Suggestive atmosphere and precious treasure chest. Home to some of the most beautiful temples in the world.

Recent excavations have brought back two ancient marvels: a beautiful ivory mermaid and a precious scepter. In the words of the director of the archaeological campaign, we are facing something truly extraordinary, which sheds new light on the city.

Each discovery, in fact, is capable of bringing an additional piece to the city. It is not only a question of enhancing the territory (ie the largest archaeological park in Europe), but of knowing, studying, understanding the habits and customs of our ancestors in the archaic and classical periods.

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But that’s not all, because the remaining discoveries will be analyzed and displayed as soon as possible inside the park to allow millions of visitors to admire them more closely.

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