Colossus of fashion is looking for staff, recruitment in sight: prerequisites and personalities sought

Very interesting jobs at a well-known clothing giant, such as applying for the wanted positions.

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The search for a good place is always on the agenda. A fashion giant is moving forward with some very interesting proposals. Applying is simple, all you need is a European curriculum vitae. A cover letter is also important, which never fails to complete everything.

Work is the dignity of man, it is often a sentence. Sometimes we have to be satisfied and despite studies and sacrifices we find ourselves in an environment that does not qualify us. Gratification is essential at work because it encourages us to do better and better.

It is necessary to keep constantly updated to find the right opportunity that suits us. A stroke of luck that you never know where it can come from. Even online, it is possible to find advertisements that could allow us to obtain the long-awaited interview.

The colossus of a well-known fashion brand opens positions for a new opening in Italy

The announcement of a very important company in the clothing sector, Primark, an Irish company which already has a stable factory along the Italian boot, has attracted attention. On the strength of its strengths, it decided to operate for new openings in Turin and Bologna.

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Primark has decades of experience and has already opened 10 stores in Italy. Expansion to 4 other cities is planned, including Caserta. Usually, the point of sale is located in a shopping center to have more access to the visibility of the buyers.

The fashion giant claims a priority that few people may know about: they are eco-sustainable. They gave birth to a new way of growing cotton while respecting the environment as much as possible. Ready-to-wear garments are made with the aforementioned raw material. All in full “green”.

Here are the numbers required to apply for new positions. Degree in economics/law or human sciences; at least 2 years’ experience as HR in structured companies; good knowledge of information systems and the Office Pack. Availability for an internship.

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It is also essential to be ready to transfer on the national territory in at least 2 regions in which the brand is present; tension towards positivity, energy and dynamism; ability to teach and learn. Grab Primark job vacancies and apply with CV

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