Coins, with a copy of 100 lira you take home a number with 5 zeros

It seems incredible that a small penny could be worth so much. But you have to be careful because it is a real treasure.

A collection of rare coins (Pixabay)

Collecting coins may not be a hobby that everyone can enjoy. There are those who indeed cannot do without them and who like to collect rare pieces for the simple pleasure of possessing something unusual.

Indeed, if you will, there are plenty of people, scattered across the world, who share this particular hobby and who would do anything to find themselves in front of a high-value coin.

But, of course, it is not certain that each of us is lucky and that precisely that penny or that lira that he anxiously expected to have in his hands will come under fire.

To tell you the truth, it is not at all easy to achieve this goal. But in any case, complicated does not mean, to tell the truth, that it is impossible.

These are two different things, so it could also happen, sooner or later, that we can catch a coin that can earn us a nice treasure.

In this regard, we would like to talk about a rare coin that is really capable of getting you a really enviable nest egg. In this case, therefore, we are referring, to be precise, to a 100 lira coin.

Ok, at first glance it doesn’t look very palatable, but, in reality, the appearance is absolutely deceiving. Let’s see in particular what are the characteristics of this small change.

Take a good look in your piggy banks because, if for some reason you kept it, then things could definitely be going very well for you.

Change worth a fortune

It is therefore the Minerve 100 lire coin, dated 1954 and which was constructed in a type of stainless steel called acmontial.

The 100 Lire Minerva of 1954 (Facebook)

But this is not enough, because the coin in question must also have the word ʻprovaʼ engraved on it. Unfortunately, there are few of these specimens in circulation, and for this reason it is not so easy to find one.

Remember that the Rare R3s, the code with which they are currently classified, must on one side carry the head of Italy crowned with laurel and then there are some signatures, that of di Romagnoli and Giampaoli INC.

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The other facade, however, depicts the goddess Minerva of the classical Latin tradition holding a spear in her hand and reaching for a laurel. Well, just that, know that it is even worth 200 thousand euros.

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