Coins, the “equestrian” 50 cents that turns life upside down: unparalleled gains

Parts more and more sought after. It is the turn of a 50 centesimi with a more unique than rare image that is difficult to find.

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It’s everyone’s dream to find the classic piece so rare it’s worth a real treasure. A more comfortable life appeals to everyone. Whether the coin belongs to the lira or the euro makes no difference to those who do not understand the privilege of these coins that made history.

Their uniqueness is given not only by the year of minting but also by an imperceptible manufacturing defect as well as the issue in the event of a recurrence. There are a few examples where numismatics would fake papers to get it.

Industry experts often seek out rare pieces to expand their collection. Other professionals waste no time going where they can get a good deal. Auctions are held just to seek rarity to please fans.

Recent pieces of unobtainable rarity

Invaluable value can be given both by the precious metal and also by the banknote, the ever-changing market demand. Sometimes you are amazed because some can attract attention. Today our curiosity revolves around a small piece of the new piece that is driving people crazy.

The cashout price has yet to be quantified as an actual sale has not occurred. The coin in question is a single 50 cent coin. The one under study should have a nominal value of around 170,000 thousand euros according to experts.

The 50 cent coin we are talking about was issued by the Italian Republic and bears a very particular effigy. On one side, the equestrian statue of Marc Aurèle. The sculpture dates back to Roman times and was forged by the skillful hands of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

This design was one of the minting choices to be printed on the coin in question. It is known that when the series was made, it was ruined by a die error. It is also a difficult piece to see precisely because it is so rare.

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The thing is, many scammers tend to improvise the error and pass off the part as the original. Anyone who owns this rare coin knows right away that they are rich and doesn’t know it…but they will soon find out.

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