Coins, the abnormal Lira of immense value: what a stroke of luck

Parts always in the foreground. It is the turn of the small coin which belongs to the large family of old coins, the reading.

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Four decades have passed and yet the lira still receives its importance. It was the currency that the Italians loved the most. Despite the advent of the new monetary system, the old coinage is still successful. Numismatics has given a great imprint to this sector.

The coins arouse curiosity for their characteristics but also for their priceless value. It is no coincidence that real telematic platforms have opened up to present goods. A good opportunity can come out of any pocket and any attic.

Even the Euro has its own because despite its youth. The particularity of a piece is given by the age but also by certain defects which can raise the price. A particular effigy, a solemn date or a printing error. Today we take the 10 lira coin as an example.

Currencies, the Lira always in the spotlight. The year bodes well for a lucky win

The coin originated during the Kingdom of Italy and was often written in gold. They were very important in trade. Subsequently, the ten liras were made of italma, that is to say a very common aluminum alloy at the time.

For most of the 20th century, the famous classic 10 lira was put into production. The most prominent feature of the coin was the double ear embossed on one side of the coin. The number 10 also appeared for all to see, an indelible image in the minds of our ancestors.

Today, anyone who owns this brilliant uncirculated can take it to connoisseurs who will appraise it the right way. Whoever owns it could pocket a sum from 120 euros but it must be dated 1954. The reference to be able to collect a tidy sum refers only to this dating.

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The reason was soon told. During this period, there was a lower circulation than other years, so it can be considered a rare coin of great impact. Those lucky enough to have thrifty grandparents can be so lucky. As long as they’re willing to… pay it.

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