Cockroaches in rented house, who pays for pest control?

Are the costs of controlling cockroaches in a rented house the responsibility of the tenant or the landlord? Let’s see who has to pay for the deblactization.

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Finding out that you have cockroaches in your house is certainly not a pleasant fact. Cockroaches are frequently found in houses that have not been maintained for a long time, but not only.

However, it is a problem that sometimes also affects those who live in a rented apartment.

According to the rules enacted by the Civil Code, in the event of expenses relating to the property rented out, the tenant is required to pay for ordinary maintenance, the lessor, on the other hand, the costs of extraordinary maintenance. Sometimes, however, identifying what relates to one category or another is problematic.

Cockroaches in a rented house, who pays for the cleaning?

Well, as for deblattization, according to what reports, this falls under ordinary maintenance costs.

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As such, these are the responsibility of the tenant, that is to say those who live in the rented house.

However, since the owner of the house is required to deliver the rented property in good repair to the tenant, if the cockroaches are observed from the first days of the rental, this means that this duty has not been respected.

In accordance with the law, if at the time of delivery the rented property has defects which significantly reduce its suitability for the agreed use, the lessee may request the termination of the contract or the reduction of the consideration, except in the case of defects which ‘he known or easily recognizable.

Therefore, the disinfestation of the rented house is initially the responsibility of the owner, who cannot rent an apartment full of cockroaches.

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If, on the other hand, cockroaches should occur during the tenancy relationship, in the case for example of a few years later, it will be the tenant who will have to take care of the disinfestation.

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