Clouds or African heat? What awaits us in August

Weather forecast after mid-August: alternation of sun and thunderstorms distributed throughout the territory. The situation from August 15 to 21.

Thunderstorm (Image from Pixabay)

The summer of 2022 started well ahead of the standards, so much so that from mid-May it was possible to enjoy splendid sunny days. Many, indeed, Italians left on vacation earlier than expected.

Hit record temperatures to say the least; in this regard, in fact, the month of June was the hottest in recent years. Reaches and even exceeds 40 degrees in the South and in the large islands. How will the post-August holidays unfold? What is expected?

The trend for the weeks after mid-August sees alternating sunshine and thunderstorms from north to south, including the islands. The anticyclone comes from the British Isles and will lead to the formation of showers and anticyclones.

Post-August weather, sudden thunderstorms and last rays of sunshine. here are the details

The last few days have been characterized by very intense thunderstorms. A lot of inconvenience especially in the South, where some municipalities in Campania have been affected by floods.

What will happen in the last weeks of August? After the torrid heat wave, our country will be affected by much cooler air currents over most of the national territory. Stormy phenomena are expected mainly in the afternoon.

Not for all regions we will see these phenomena, since in the southern regions we will not only see an increase in temperature, but also days characterized by the presence of the sun. In the center and in the north the thermometer is lowered.

The last week of August could still give us a taste of summer, indeed on our peninsula there will not only be temperature increases, but also beautiful sunny days. Sporadic showers in the Alps are not excluded.

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As we have just mentioned, the anticyclone will exert itself from North to South, with a rise in the thermometer. It will be possible to enjoy a few more days of relaxation and sunshine before the start of the school year in September.

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