Chinese rocket in freefall. Which countries at risk

Space alert: Chinese rocket in free fall to Earth. Which countries could be at risk? Details not to be missed.

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Alarm from space, much apprehension for the fall of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket which is on a collision course with planet Earth. Basically, anything that comes into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere tends to crumble, but very similar situations have happened in the past.

The first time in 2021 and the same story also in 2021. According to studies conducted by scientists, it was estimated that the crash will occur during the day of July 30, but with a margin of error of about 15 hours. Which areas of the planet will be affected? Is there really anything to fear?

The Chinese Long March 5B rocket falls towards Earth: crash scheduled for July 30. Here’s where the shards could fall

As we just mentioned, the Chinese Long March 5B rocket is on a collision course with our planet. A part, in fact, will not burn completely and will reach the ground.

Rocket Launch (Image from Pixabay)

We expect a fragment with a mass of between 5 and 9 tons to hit the ground – so say the experts. At the moment it has been predicted that the landing zone could again be the Pacific Ocean, but it is still too early to rule out our country as well.

According to what has been stated by Cords scholars, these particular rockets are programmed to land in the sea via guided drops or in areas of the planet that are not populated – just as happened with the previous Falcon 9 and the famous Space X.

The researcher Luciano Anselmo also intervened in this regard and explained that we are in the presence of a large rocket. In fact, in most cases they have always been much smaller objects. We are talking about 25 tons – he concluded.

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As we said before, a margin of approximately 15 additional hours was granted to the fall of the rocket. We will have to wait for the next developments for a more precise evaluation of the course.

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