Catastrophic storm coming, research: where could it happen

Worrying research suggests that a catastrophic storm could have devastating consequences. All the details.

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A catastrophic flood could hit California. A devastating scenario on the American state which could be affected by a mega storm similar to that of 1862.

To reveal all this, a scientific study, revived by the Infobae site, according to which this cataclysm could come from the Pacific Ocean, not far from Hawaii, then move towards the west of the United States.

However, the research does not reveal when this catastrophic event could take place. Huge clouds of water vapor, caused by tropical air around the equator, and air currents, are expected to be pushed towards the west coast of the United States.

Devastating storm in the United States, the possible catastrophic effects in California

This column of steam, accompanied by strong winds, should be hundreds of kilometers wide and nearly 2,000 kilometers long.

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The flow of water transported, if transported in liquid form, is expected to be about twenty-six times greater than what the Mississippi River discharges into the Gulf of Mexico.

A phenomenon that should have a similar magnitude to that of 1862. Then thirty consecutive days of rain resulted in a huge flood that engulfed most of the state, altering the course of the Los Angeles River and moving its mouth from Venice to Long Beach.

A storm of this magnitude could displace ten million people, close major interstate highways, such as 5 and 80, for months, and submerge population centers such as Stockton, Fresno and neighborhoods. from Los Angeles.

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Daniel Swain, a climate expert at UCLA, said.

We found that climate change has already increased the risk of a mega-flood scenario similar to GF1862 in California, but future global warming is likely to cause an even greater increase in risk. In the future scenario, the sequence of storms is more important in almost every way.

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