Car insurance, new price increases worry Italian motorists

Motor insurance, another sword of Damocles for users. Expected to rise, the data worries Italian motorists. The details.

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By RC auto, we mean a kind of insurance contract that protects the owner of vehicles on the road. This means that in the event of a claim, our insurance provides for the payment of damages.

It is paid each year and depending on the chosen company we have privileges and advantages. Unfortunately, however, for many Italian motorists this expense becomes a real sword of Damocles on the head due to the large sum.

It was a very complicated start to the year, because due to the conflict, we found ourselves having to incur unforeseen expenses. One of them was the increase in gasoline which literally discouraged the country.

Insurance on the rise: the rise in prices worries Italian motorists. How to protect yourself

As mentioned, we have seen an increase in fuel over the past few months. Overnight, the price of gasoline skyrocketed, causing great concern among citizens.

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Unfortunately, however, we will have to deal with another price increase: we are actually talking about insurance. The news has alarmed Italian motorists who will once again have to endure a very serious crisis.

Wanting to get into technicality, it emerged that insuring a vehicle today costs around 8.6% more than in 2021. On average, in fact, we are talking about a starting cost of more than 400 euros. How can this increase be explained? What is it due to?

According to an expert, it all depends not only on the costs of claims, but obviously also on inflation and on certain corporate strategies that have been adopted during the most complicated months of the pandemic. The increase is expected to increase in the coming months.

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The Italian regions that are suffering the most from this price increase are mainly Campania, followed closely by Puglia, Liguria and Marche. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, on the other hand, manages to conquer the opposite podium, entering by right into the least expensive regions.

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