Capri, breakfast at 78 euros on the Piazzetta. Public opinion is divided

Capri, “stellar” breakfast in the island’s famous Piazzetta. Public opinion is sharply divided. What is happening? The details.

Faraglioni, Capri (Image from Pixabay)

Among the most popular tourist destinations for Italians (and not only) there is always the island of Capri, a wonderful place not only for the beauty of its sea, but also for the splendor of the nightlife. Indeed, in recent years, many personalities have chosen to spend their holidays in this “paradise”.

But there is a downside, because as you know, Capri is definitely very expensive. In particular, there are clubs located in the famous Piazzetta in the center of the island – a meeting place for young people and a meeting point for the local community.

Capri, breakfast from 78 euros for a group of tourists. Stellar Receipt Goes Viral Immediately

Can we speak of misfortune? A group of vacationing young people literally went viral on TikTok after sharing their breakfast receipt at the Piazzetta.

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A real five-star start to the day if you consider that this first meal alone costs a whopping 78 euros. The young man who posted the video on his profile was very successful for the way he commented on what had happened, adding that this amount would have been enough for a month and a half of coffees.

The group of holidaymakers were truly speechless to learn that a very normal Italian breakfast of coffee and croissant could cost such figures. But that’s not all, because in this regard the boy who shared the video received a lot of criticism for his words.

At the sight of this figure, public opinion was divided: many argue that such a price in Capri should be considered on par with normality. It’s Capri! Do you want to go? Pay – commented one user. In many others, however, they supported the young man’s opinion, arguing that such a price was absurd.

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Finally, however, there are those who even claimed that it was not a real receipt and that you had to take cover.

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