Can you “die of heat”? The effects on the body: a mind-blowing discovery

This year the heat has literally taken the Peninsula by storm, reaching peaks still above 40°. But what are its effects on the body?

Person who sweats (Canva)

Italy has been in the grip of the heat for weeks, with rainfall reduced to a minimum and temperatures peaking at over 40°. Large municipalities have equipped themselves to avoid the specter of drought, and have somehow rationed the available water.

The phone calls that have been coming to 118 for weeks are thousands a day of people who feel sick because of too high qualifications, and who ask for help from specialized personnel.

But what actually happens to our body when we experience such high temperatures, and what are the parameters that cause a human being to “die of heat”, as happened a few days ago to a poor lady 59 years old in the province of Mantua? The answers will amaze you.

Hot: the effects of high temperatures on our bodies

One of the effects of heat on our body is the dilation of our blood vessels. If we add to this also the heat, it is accompanied by the loss of important mineral salts with sweating. This can lead to fatigue, nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and, in more severe cases, heart attack if blood pressure is too low.

Why is all this happening? This happens because our body was born to live at a temperature of around 37°, and therefore too excessive a change in temperature sends it into a “short circuit”. So yes, you can die of heat and in Portugal the victims of this wave produced by the African anticyclone Apocalisse4800 has already claimed more than 1000 victims, while in Spain a little less than half.

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In addition, the use of certain medications such as those for hypertension or diuretics can also aggravate an already critical situation. All that remains is to wait for the temperatures to drop while hydrating ourselves as much as possible. According to experts, 22° are the ideal degrees for our body, a mild temperature that would also encourage more physical activity.

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