Calderone Glacier, its conditions are alarming. What is happening

We are well aware that in recent times there has been a dangerous global warming that is affecting various parts of the world.

Arctic melting ice (Facebook)

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about a subject that does not worry us a little and that makes us realize that planet Earth is no longer exactly in excellent health.

Thus, it is easy to guess that we are referring to what is called global warming which, by definition, means that the temperatures of the earth have risen sharply.

And, as we should know, the fault lies with man who, over time, carried out activities that emitted various harmful gases into the atmosphere that generated the greenhouse effect.

This phenomenon would therefore, according to the hypotheses of the experts, have begun to affect the oceans from the first half of the 19th century. Naturally, therefore, this excessive overheating goes hand in hand with the problem of melting glaciers.

In this regard, it is estimated that more than 20 billion tons of ice have been lost worldwide in less than thirty years.

Moreover, if we give credit to the research carried out by the University of Leeds, it is therefore mainly the ice of Greenland and that of Antarctica that pays the price in this alarming state.

By lingering, however, on another glacier which does not look very good, we can only retain that of the Cauldron which is, to be exact, in theAbruzzo Apennines is in the the Gran Sasso massif.

Expert opinion

Subject matter experts recently conducted an in-depth analysis of this tense place. In particular, according to official sources, it seems that the researchers have counted a remnant of only 25 meters of ice.

A recent photo of the Calderone Glacier (Instagram)

And, for the record, now, this frozen space is defined by the term glacione which is, precisely, a demotion to a simple formation of snow.

However, according to professionals in the sector, it seems that, despite everything, the Cauldron still manages to resist for a very specific reason. Of course, it is no longer what it once was, however, it defends itself with the help of various debris that allow it to isolate itself from the sun’s rays.

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CNR researcher Massimo Pecci was able to report some details to Focus, stating that the Cauldron, at the moment, seems fragmented and that the area has shrunk considerably, even by 60%. And, moreover, it is not known how much he will still be able to cope with all this.

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