Bush Super PAC Launches New Anti-Trump Ad (VIDEO)

As the South Carolina Primary approaches, Jeb Bush is increasingly focusing his attacks on Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal reports: “Donald Trump has been the target of most of Mr. Bush’s fire in recent days, and the super PAC backing him, Right to Rise USA, is airing a new anti-Trump ad in South Carolina and nationally on Fox News.”

The ad shows an ice sculpture of Trump in progressive stages of melting and crumbling:

“People love me.” Trump says.

The narrator then says: “Donald Trump, look past the boasting, and you’ll see right through him. He supported partial-birth abortion. His phony Trump university: accused of fraud. He tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. Four bankruptcies, and small businesses screwed over. Poll after poll show him losing to Hillary Clinton. If Trump wins, conservatives lose.”

Brittany Klein is the co-author of Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family ‘Equality’ and serves on the board and academic council of the International Children’s Rights Institute.