Black holes, what are they hiding inside? Scholars unravel the mystery: a startling discovery

They are one of the most intrepid quibbles in science, black holes have always drawn the curiosity of scientists to their existence.

Black Holes (Picture Pixabay)

The great dream of man is to fly. Flying in the sky and in space is a desire that federates many enthusiasts. Climb where space creates another world with stars, black holes and galaxies. The firmament is a secret yet to be discovered.

Today, thanks to advanced technology, science has been able to answer many questions about the origin and evolution of the solar system. Researchers mainly focus on the existence of black holes. Space is flooded by this event which has not yet given all the answers to the questions.

Black holes are celestial bodies formed by a gravitational field. They have this particularity to eat everything that is around them.

Black holes, the last of their extinction in the galaxy

The greatest scientist Stephen Hawking said in the 70s that these bodies tend to release energy slowly as if it were evaporation. The largest luminary in space came to this conclusion through long study.

The basis of the discovery was to take advantage of quantum physics which asserts that empty space is not like that at all. In practice, the vacuum would be filled with virtual particles which, attracted by the force of the black hole, still steal their energy.

In doing so, the black hole eventually finds itself without visual matter and disappears. The question that intrigues experts is what happens once they switch off. A recent study published in the Journal of High Energy Physics could advance a new hypothesis.

The explanation may lie in wormholes inside black holes. Wormholes are called the Einstein-Rosen bridge or the space-time tunnel. It is a tunnel that crosses space-time and which, according to hypotheses, could connect two black holes.

The bridge would be represented by “islands”, which are both inside and outside them, which prevents the total loss of the black hole. In this regard, a well-known physicist states that:

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“A wormhole connects the inside of the black hole to the outside radiation, like a bridge. It is through them that the information, crossing the “islands”, could leave the horizon of events and join the radiation of Hawking.”

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