be careful when compiling, you risk losing everything!

This is one of the bonuses decided by the government to help citizens in difficulty, but a simple error in the compilation could put it in jeopardy.

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Following the two years of pandemic and the current geopolitical situation, the Government has set up numerous bonuses for citizens in difficulty, who have found themselves unemployed or with less income from the profession. This is the case, for example, of precarious school or ATA workers.

A bonus of 200 euros is instituted for them, as specified in decree 50/22 in article 32 paragraph 13: “The INPS, on request, pays seasonal, fixed-term and intermittent workers who, in 2021, have carried out out of service for at least 50 days, a fixed indemnity equal to 200 euros. The compensation is paid to natural persons who have an income not exceeding 35,000 euros for the year 2021″.

A way of course to blow the citizens, but you have to be careful how the application is presented to be able to take advantage of it, under penalty of exclusion.

Bonus 200 Euro: watch out for compilation errors

It must be said that to date the INPS has not yet published the precise application to be able to request it, which puts those who need it in crisis. The deadline to submit an application has been set for next October 31, but there are many doubts from those who would like to apply.

A bonus of the same amount has also been issued for seasonal workers, and on the website of the National Institute of Social Security there is a special section to be able to apply for it. Should precarious school workers therefore refer to these indications? It’s not clear, and the advice is to wait patiently for the Institute to issue the necessary instructions. Undoubtedly a bad service on the part of the institution, which risks seeing the site crash because of the many accesses as soon as it does.

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In addition, for those who provide incorrect or false information, administrative sanctions are provided for, with forfeiture of rights and restitution of any sums paid. It is therefore better to wait to be sure to complete the file correctly.

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