Bancomat, the new scam has a “taste” of covid: how thieves act

ATM, a new scam has been set up by a gang of thieves. The ploy is covid terror.

ATM machine (pixabay)

The ATM has been scammed several times. It is now known that many dishonest people manage to find the right way to withdraw money from the ATM. A real scam that jeopardizes the current accounts of unknown citizens.

Over the years, the small screen has told of many tricks used by thieves to steal money with credit cards. The list is very long. They are little geniuses who manage to steal the smallest details to steal money from the ATM.

However, the technology defends the creditor well because it has developed very effective methods. In fact, if you notice in time that the money is stolen, you can immediately block your account. Another caution is to look around when queuing.

Bancomat, the scam that mainly targets the elderly

Today, ATMs have protection that does not allow some attackers to see the secret code. Some banks have the ATM locked in the bank’s anteroom also protected by cameras.

ATM machine (pixabay)

The latest invention in money theft came from a gang that operated in the North. A real deception especially towards the elderly. It is news that an incredible method has been implemented in Trieste.

We know that we are still with contagions still on a war footing. Covid is still circulating even though the contrast measurements have changed.

The virus is still scary and the dishonest people had a brilliant idea. When the user on duty approaches the ATM, he enters the code and the money appears. Hello there is a crook standing by and spitting on the vending machine screen.

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Taken by a sudden fright, the lender walks away and in a few seconds the money is stolen. For the gang of crooks, it was a big hunt until an 18-year-old girl was caught in the act. The young woman was arrested.

Now she’s in a juvenile prison expecting a child, and investigators are being scoured for her still-at-large accomplices.

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