Bancomat, strict order on withdrawals: what changes in operations

The ATM will undergo new rules. Withdrawals will be subject to the new rules decided by the Antitrust.

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There is news on the way regarding ATM withdrawals. Unfortunately, things will no longer be the same and even ticket machines will undergo changes willy-nilly. ATMs will no longer be as essential as they once were.

The long pandemic has meant that their usefulness has been sidelined. Exile has forced many people to favor telematic purchases. It is well known that each transaction carried out at an ATM requires the payment of a commission. This is established by prior order of the General Directorate of Credit Institutions.

For almost three years, many credit companies have found themselves with a very depleted balance sheet. It is not uncommon to find banks without ATMs. Other companies, on the other hand, have favored an inclusion with others to avoid the period of simple gain by exploitation.

AU M. new orders regarding withdrawals are in progress

Today, it is considered plausible to favor online transactions through common credit cards. Clearly, the withdrawal at the counters will not be completely ruled out. The situation of black gains is developing more and more. Price increases have created considerable inconvenience.

ATM (pixaby)

The community was left with a sudden and excessive price hike. The family economy is also put to the test by the conflict raging in Eastern Europe. We try everything to face contemporary drasticity but it’s not always easy.

Unfortunately, today’s economy is there for all to see and extra income is worth it. Wages were not equated with raises. Banks allow a payment threshold of up to €2,000. It is a question of trying to remedy possible purchases totally paid for in the black and without being traced.

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The crux of the matter is trying to track any purchases without the knowledge of the government. The ATMs will still be there, but from next November, everything is changing. The antitrust will decide the threshold of the money to be withdrawn and any commissions for each operation.

It is certain that the particularity will be to make purchases with cash uncomfortable by leading to higher costs for the transaction at the ATM.

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