Ban on bathing, the mayor signs the decree: there is brown water

The mayor of the southern Italian city could not help it and signed the ordinance banning bathing. The water is brown.

Beach resort (Canva)

Bad news for a tourist resort in southern Italy, hit a few hours ago by an order from its first citizen, which effectively prohibits the population from bathing in its waters.

A decision taken with difficulty but which was inevitable, given that the sea is still brown. A fact that obviously weakens the tourism sector, given that the country is one of the favorite destinations for summer holidays for thousands of travelers.

It is a brown spot in the usually crystalline waters of the coast which has made the bathing ban effective since yesterday. The sudden rains of the last few days have indeed given the final blow, helping to spread the substances harmful to health in the waves. But what actually happened, and especially where?

Mare Marrone: swimming is prohibited until further notice

It happened in Meta di Sorrento, on the Sorrento coast, where yesterday the town’s mayor, Giuseppe Tito, signed the ordinance banning bathing. The analyzes carried out by Arpac last Thursday revealed the presence of faecal bacteria near the spillway in the Purgatory area.

“The measure reflects the report data by prohibiting swimming in the study point indicated by ARPAC and to its left, not advising it in the right section where the values ​​​​are normal”, explained the mayor joined by Il Mattino. Unfortunately, bathers will therefore have to do without the fresh local waters, at least for a few more days. The mayor in turn was distraught, as he explained immediately afterwards.

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“Although he is not obliged to adopt the restrictions, I intend to do so to protect the health of swimmers,” said Tito, obviously not hiding the regret of the decision taken, now inevitable.

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