Bad weather will hit these parts of Italy in the coming days

According to the latest news, shortly there could be some rather critical situations in some areas of the boot.

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This summer, as everyone has seen, we suffered from extreme heat, mainly due to the so-called African anticyclone. A condition which, therefore, was poorly tolerated, especially by those who did not leave the urban centers.

However, right now, with the end of summer, temperatures have dropped significantly in different areas of the boot, reminding us that it’s time to head home from vacation.

Of course, not everyone has finished their vacation yet, indeed, there are some who are even planning to pack their bags for September. But, anyway, in this period, according to meteorological experts, we must also pay attention to something else.

We therefore refer to the atmospheric phenomenon of tornadoes that many may not know, but which could also affect certain Italian regions.

In fact, although it might seem unlikely, it appears to be a significant code red issue. Certainly, as we should know, quite severe and significant weather events usually occur due to drought, rising temperatures and other factors as well.

Perhaps therefore someone will wonder if even in Italy there can be a frequency of these phenomena. Well, some reliable sources let us know that they can occur in certain places in particular.

The other details

It is not so easy to identify the exact point, however, it is possible at least to understand what are the most likely times for this to happen. For example, if we want, on Monday August 29 and Tuesday August 30 there should be quite intense rains in northern Italy, especially in Piedmont and Lombardy.

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Even in the past, it is true, there have been cataclysms that have shaken the Bel Paese, all of which, according to what Legambiente reported, 2022 could be considered the most prone. It is therefore a consequence of the so-called climate crisis.

The president of the aforementioned environmental association Stefano Ciafani wanted to focus precisely on this problem and absolutely cannot and must not be taken lightly.

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In fact, he continued, saying that it is essential to intervene as soon as possible so as not to face even more serious environmental and economic situations.

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