Lindsey Graham at Home

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (photo credit: Kai Mörk, CC BY 3.0 DE)

An ‘F’ for Lindsey Graham on religious liberty . . . and on defending Mike Pence specifically? We’d like to respectfully disagree. This clip from Fox and this one from Family Research Council are good evidence for reassessing that low grade, don’t you think? There was also the hearing Senator Graham put together on the persecution of Christians abroad.

But from our perspective here on the ground in South Carolina, there is a broader misconception about our Senior Senator.

Yes, Lindsey Graham talks a lot about national security and very little about cultural and social issues . . . in front of the cameras.

But we can assure readers of The Pulse 2016 that Senator Graham is very active behind the scenes here on the issues that consume most of our time at the legislative level: life and religious liberty. We all know Graham doesn’t like electronic communication, but he isn’t shy about reaching out by phone when someone needs a friendly nudge. He has also eagerly signed strong Dear Colleague letters over the years to help pry loose stalled life and liberty legislation.

So, on the social issues we care about, though it may come as a shock to some nationally, here at home in South Carolina, we have a quietly effective friend in Lindsey Graham.

Oran P. Smith, PhD, is President of Palmetto Family Council. Continue Reading