GOP Operatives Come Out for Gay Marriage

U.S. Supreme Court (public domain image via Wikimedia Commons)

With the latest Rasmussen poll showing that support for gay marriage has fallen to its lowest level in a year, a group of GOP operatives have signed onto an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to impose gay marriage in all 50 states.  That doesn’t sound very conservative, especially with this kind of broad sweeping language that really does insult millions of good-hearted Americans who disagree with gay marriage:

Amici do not believe there is a legitimate, fact based justification for excluding same-sex couples from civil marriage. Over the past two decades, the arguments presented by proponents of such initiatives have been discredited by social science, rejected by courts, and contradicted by amici’s personal experience with same-sex couples, including those whose civil marriages have been legally performed and recognized in various States.

Dozens of courts, including the European Court of Human Rights, have recognized there is no fundamental right to same-sex marriage, certainly not one deeply rooted in our country’s laws and traditions.

As for social science?  Two new studies in peer-reviewed journals were just added to the pile that show children do best raised by a married mom and dad. Similar to other nontraditional families, children raised by same-sex couples were about two to four times more likely to suffer emotional problems, and twice as likely to suffer from ADHD.

And a new review of the studies by the same scholar finds “[s]ample bias in studies of same-sex parenting is large and pervasive.  Continue Reading