ATM, pay attention to the amount to be withdrawn. Heavy fines on the way

Bancomat, pay attention to the amount to be withdrawn from ATMs. At the very least, fines are expected. Here’s what you need to know.

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There are many legislative changes and innovations that also affect ATMs and therefore all withdrawal methods. Controls are carried out in an increasingly fiscal way in order to guarantee the protection and safeguard of the citizen.

Undoubtedly, ATMs facilitate many operations such as deposits and withdrawals, thus saving us from queuing for miles outside the bank. But apparently it is absolutely necessary to keep your eyes open, especially in the withdrawal.

Exceeding a certain amount can be a red flag for control which, as mentioned above, has the sole purpose of avoiding the dissemination of cash for less than noble purposes. Let’s try to answer a few questions.

ATMs, fines on the horizon for those who choose to withdraw more than a certain amount. The details

As we have just mentioned, decisive changes are on the horizon, particularly with regard to the withdrawal operation.

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It appeared that fines of 50,000 euros can be incurred in the event of abusive withdrawal from ATMs. Let’s get to the heart of the story. As mentioned earlier, attempts are made to reduce the circulation of money to the bone, precisely to prevent illicit trafficking.

The government’s goal is to ensure that tickets are used as little as possible. In this regard, in fact, many banks have chosen not to have a physical office, but to work only with the online mode.

So much so that in 2021, withdrawing an amount equal to 2000 euros could also lead to a decidedly high fine. In 2022, there has been a new upheaval in this regard. The Italian government has in fact decided to halve the figure to one thousand euros.

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It should be emphasized that the fine is not triggered automatically, but only when you become aware of certain anomalies or movements that arouse suspicion.

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