at the edge of the emptied river a sensational discovery

Drought affects many countries around the world, but “thanks” to it, an unprecedented discovery has recently been made. What is it about.

Dry River (Canva)

The problem of drought is felt almost everywhere, and so far the situation shows no signs of improving. The rivers but also the lakes are affected and especially the first are dry.

A few weeks ago, the photo that showed Lake Livigno completely dried up due to lack of rainfall, and local citizens crossing its bottom on foot or by bicycle, caused a stir.

Even abroad, however, there is no reason to be very happy, but despite the obvious problems that this phenomenon creates, there can also be positive sides, as paleontologists have had the opportunity to discover.

Thanks to the reduction of a river, scholars were able to make an electrifying discovery, which they then shared with the rest of the world.

Exciting discovery made thanks to the effects of drought

In Texas, inside Glen Rose’s DinosaurValley State Park, in the almost completely dried up Paluxy River, researchers have actually found a series of dinosaur footprints, almost creating a kind of path formed by prehistoric animals. “One of the longest in the world,” they explained.

The footprints found belong to an Acrocanthosaurus, of the theropod family, which was about 4.5 meters high and weighed 7 tons, which existed 113 million years ago. Near them, the footprints of a Sauroposeidon were also found, and it is assumed that the former was hunting him, and that is why they appeared together. A truly fascinating discovery, which could however have a limited duration, given that rains are expected in the region in the coming days.

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“The next forecast calls for rain and therefore it is expected that the traces discovered during the drought will be buried again,” local sources said. Inside the park, in the past, at Lake Mead, other artifacts such as human remains and a ship from World War II have been unearthed.

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