Asteroid against Earth? A terrible hypothesis that scares the world

There are answers from science that cause a lot of concern. Is it true that an asteroid could crash into Earth and annihilate us as it has done in the past?

Asteroid (Canva)

The hypothesis of an asteroid hitting the Earth is one of the most terrifying one can imagine. Recently, a film produced for Netflix with Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence told this hypothesis, but with a touch of dark humor.

Don’t Look Up tells the story of two academics who realize that a giant-sized comet will impact Earth in about 6 months, destroying the entire Earth and of course its inhabitants. However, the authorities take their warnings lightly and, in the end, the disaster is over, while the powerful are saved, it seems.

A doomsday scenario for sure, but it already happened millions and millions of years ago, at the time of the dinosaurs, who were swept away by this phenomenon, experts say. But could it happen again? The answer from scientists is certainly not comforting.

Asteroid vs Earth: Could It Happen Today?

Specialists have explained that each year certain rocky fragments present in space approach our planet, but they self-destruct before impacting it, giving rise to the phenomenon known as “shooting stars”. What if the latter was not destroyed? What would happen to the Earth?

Scientists all agree that an asteroid impact with Earth will happen again, but not in the foreseeable future. In fact, it should happen in about a century. Not so long ago, all things considered. And that’s not all, because in reality our planet will run the first risk in a few years.

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Indeed, in 2029, there will be the close passage of an asteroid with the Earth, when it passes about 30,000 kilometers from the planet. A distance that seems sidereal, but given the size of our galaxy in reality it is not at all.

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