assumptions about immortality. The details

Incredible scientific discovery: hypotheses on immortality that contrast with the iron laws of nature. Details not to be missed.

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By the concept of immortality we mean the ability to live forever or for a period of time in between. It would mean surviving death or even overcoming it. In this regard, there are different schools of thought that see both a religious view and a purely scientific view.

The first recognizes this concept in a particular way if we speak of Eastern cultures, as in ancient Egypt where it was believed that the deceased (accompanied by their most precious possessions) could achieve this particular condition in the beyond. Even science, in fact, evaluates various hypotheses on the matter.

Astonishing discovery in science: immortality could be a new frontier

As we have said, the concept of immortality is in common use in Eastern religions but it is increasingly finding its way into modern science as well.

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By scientific progress, we mean the continuous evolutions of matter which, to this day, is at work to be able to offer one day (if possible) the possibility of being immortal. Let’s find out together what are the steps that are being followed at the moment. News not to be missed.

If we think about our body, it is well known that after a certain time the cells tend not to renew themselves. However, this argument cannot be applied to stem cells which, unlike the former, are constantly renewed.

A second hypothesis can be seen in the discovery of a particular enzyme which is able to monitor the aging process of cells. The last two hypotheses concern the use of nanotechnology, thanks to which powerful robots are able to generate organs.

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It is still a very long and embryonic process that will require many experiments that can last for years and years. In the meantime, remember that a worm has already succeeded in conquering immortality by replacing its cells.

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