are these insects able to bite people?

Summer is one of the most popular seasons, but also when you can find yourself with unwanted guests at home: cockroaches. Many wonder if they can bite. Here is the truth.

A cockroach (Pixabay)

With the arrival of heat and humidity, more and more Italians have to face unpleasant visits and sometimes even “stable” stays of ants or cockroaches, the latter also called cockroaches.

In nature there is the beauty of 4000 different species of cockroaches, but only about 30 of them come into contact with humans. Many believe that their presence is linked to poor environmental hygiene, but this is a false belief.

Cockroaches can invade even a tidy and immaculate home, perhaps coming up the pipes in the bathroom or the kitchen sink. In the East, to avoid their presence, tiny balls of camphor are sold to be thrown down the drain, in order to keep them away.

In addition, there are also killer baits, capable of causing their definitive death in the nest, thus avoiding a merely superficial action, as happens with common insecticides.

Cockroaches: is it true that they can sting or bite humans?

Usually, these insects tend to stay in dark, hidden places, such as cracks in walls, backs of furniture, sinks, and door frames. The belief that they can attack and therefore bite or sting people is wrong. They do not have stings, unlike bees or wasps, and are generally very fearful and frightened of humans, so they tend to flee in their presence.

This does not mean that they can be harmful, due to feces and saliva that could remain in food left unattended or improperly sealed. The diseases they could transmit are salmonellosis, tuberculosis, typhus, cholera and hepatitis.

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In the presence of a real invasion of cockroaches, the advice is to rely on a specialist company which, in doing so, will definitely clear the environment of the problem. Also be sure to close the food well and not leave it uncovered.

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