Apocalypse4800 will bring the country to its knees

The respite from the heat is still a long way off for Italy, which will be getting hotter and hotter in the coming days. Blame it on the African anticyclone Apocalypse4800.

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For weeks, all of Italy has been bent by the very high temperatures that keep registering. The heat does not seem to want to give our country any respite, and the weather forecasts for the next few days are alarming, and even speak of an increase in heat.

All this due to the presence of the African anticyclone Apocalypse4800. A name which is certainly not reassuring and which suggests its meaning. This phenomenon will indeed lead to seeing temperatures closer to 0 around, in fact, 4800 meters above sea level.

This suggests how the perceived degrees are considerably above seasonal averages and we are facing a very peculiar situation. In the next few hours, some Italian regions will also have to deal with a strange situation which will only deceive, in a way, its inhabitants.

Weather: scorching heat for the coming week

The subtropical anticyclone will not yet reach its maximum power and will be “disturbed” by some infiltrations of unstable air, which will cause in the next few days, during the hottest hours, strange phenomena such as showers and thunderstorms of short duration. . Be careful though, as they will be short-lived, not the respite from the heat that many have been calling for for months now.

This will happen in particular for the regions of Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Piedmont, and certain areas of the Apennine ridge of Campania, Molise and Abruzzo. Precipitation will occur especially in the afternoon, and it is only in the early hours of the evening that the good weather will return to shine in these territories. A false alarm, in short, for those who are eager to find warmer temperatures.

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No change for the other regions which will continue to benefit (and suffer) from the sun and the heat. The situation is even getting worse, as the coming week will set new records for heat and heat waves.

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