Antarctica, an exceptional new discovery. It hadn’t happened for over seventy years

This is something that has really appealed to scientists and anyone interested in this phenomenon.

Glaciers in Antarctica (Pixabay)

Antarctica, as it is called, is a vast continent located between the South Pole and the Antarctic Circle and surrounded by the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

In addition, the so-called emerged lands consist of a floating pack ice from which huge icebergs periodically break off.

Within this territory, moreover, over time, suitable bases have been built for scientific, meteorological and even mining research.

Already in the mid-1970s, however, it was decided to ban hunting for commercial purposes, but that which concerns all activities considered scientific is instead permitted.

However, over the years, although the International Whaling Commission has tried to do its best, there have been uncontrollable situations.

In fact, according to some sources, Norway, Iceland and Japan continued to hunt anyway. In short, a condition that was certainly not easy to manage, even after the announcement of the announcement.

At the moment, however, the news is quite fresh, it seems that there has been something new about it that can most likely appeal to anyone who cares about this amazing place on planet Earth.

In particular, it would seem that this fact has not happened for a long time, indeed, precisely from this period in which the ban on whaling was instituted.

The satisfaction of scientists

Well, these awe-inspiring cetaceans have recently been seen swimming and feeding freely in Antarctic waters, forming pods.

A whale (Facebook)

Scientists, in this regard, would have welcomed this discovery which necessarily gives a glimmer of hope. In short, a real show that can only relieve us and make us, why not, even make us feel a little better.

Good news, therefore, which perhaps even the researchers would not have expected. In the meantime, however, the problem of melting ice also remains, a condition that should not be considered dangerous only for the Arctic ecosystem, but also for our own.

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At this stage, among other things, it seems that the repercussions are even being felt throughout the entire food chain. What can I say, the changes are already in sight.

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