another “world” at the center of the Earth

A simply sensational discovery: there could be another “world” in the very center of the Earth. Experts speak. News not to be missed.

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A sensational news that goes around the world. The research has been published in a well-known scientific journal and it seems to have a solid basis to work on in the future as well. Let’s find out together what it is.

Depending on what emerged, there could be a series of ancient continents that emerged on the seafloor. It may be impossible, but for science it is not. It is believed that in the very distant past, these continents may have hosted life.

Unique Scientific Discovery: There Could Be Once-Inhabited Continents at the Center of the Earth

As mentioned earlier, we are in the presence of a sensational study that sheds new light not only on human life, but also on the complex geological mechanisms of our planet.

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Scientists Chuan-Zhou Liu and Ross Mitchell made this startling revelation shortly after observing the movement of magma emerging from the ocean floor. In reality, their intuition arrived by chance, because the research was aimed at other objectives.

It has been recorded that on the seabed of southwestern India and especially on the rocks, there seems to be the presence of distant continents. A number of remains have been collected and sampled and found to be much older than believed to date.

But that’s not all, because the two researchers were stunned after learning that the material examined was of terrestrial origin. From where the supposition of the existence of cities disappeared at the bottom of the seas. There remains, for the moment, only one supposition to prove.

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Research continues unabated and according to the statements of the two scientists, very advanced instrumentation will be necessary to have a more precise image of the situation.

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