An uncontrollable rocket could fall to Earth: risks for Italy?

An out-of-control Chinese rocket in freefall could fall to Earth in days. This is when the impact would be expected. All the details.

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On Earth, debris from a Chinese rocket could be knocked over, causing damage to various areas.

Indeed, the Chinese space rocket launched in recent days has gone out of control and is expected to fall to Earth in a few days.

According to the US Space Command, debris from the Chinese rocket is expected to hit Earth in a few days. This rocket was used to transport a second module of the Tiangong space station.

The Chinese rocket was launched on July 24 from Hainan Island and is docked at China’s orbital outpost.

Chinese rocket, debris alert: when it could fall to Earth

However, once its task was completed, the Chinese rocket began to descend uncontrollably towards the Earth’s atmosphere. For now, however, it is unclear where it will fall.

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According to experts, this is a danger. Indeed, the rocket weighs about twenty tons and, although it disintegrates when it collides with the Earth’s atmosphere, it could in any case create various debris that will fall at high speed.

The concern is that they can break down in inhabited areas. For this reason, China has been accused of improper management of its rocket debris.

The Asian country instead accused the United States of expressing unjustified fears about the rocket’s return to Earth, accusing NASA and American experts of “acting against their conscience” and “anti-thinking”.

Indeed, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the probability of damage to something or someone is “extremely low”.

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According to US Space Command, the rocket debris will return inside Earth’s atmosphere around August 1, even where precisely it will enter “cannot be identified until a few hours after its return.”

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